Generator sets are the heart of any onsite power system. Jakson-Cummins natural gas generating sets are available in two ranges - Stoich range starts from 40 Kwe- 500 KWe and Lean burn range starts from 315 kWe to 2000 kWe. These generating sets are built with dependable Cummins engines, alternators and PowerCommand™ controls offered in Lean Burn variant. These are suited to applications where onsite fuel storage is restricted, a continuous supply of natural gas is readily available, and/or there are local environmental considerations that lend preference to gas powered equipment. 

Our generating sets are the result of integrated design and manufacturing intended to meet your requirements for reliability, power quality, rated performance, and efficient operation. Our power project team can handle the most complex requirements  surrounding gas gensets application, from initial site planning to system design, construction and installation through operation and maintenance . We are a total solutions provider, with a single point of contact for seamless support. 

Why Prefer A Gas Generating Set ?


  • Environment friendly

Better efficiency helps in making our generators more environment friendly

  • Emissions

Gas Generating Sets have lower engine out emissions than diesel engines

  • Fuel storage

A gas generator set does not require storage of onsite fuel.

  • Maintenance cost

The oil change interval can be three to five times longer on a gas generator set which can significantly reduce maintenance costs.

  • Fuel cost

Natural gas fuel has a 30-70% lower cost per unit of energy than diesel fuel. 

  • Fuel flexibility

Jakson- Cummins gas generator sets are capable of running on a variety of gas resources—from pipeline natural gas to field gas or even bio-gas.